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I walked along the woods one day

With tranquil breath and halcyon skies

Of hydrangeas, rhododendrons and arums galore

Was it serendipity or natures' ties

The rooms at Groombridge are placed along the winding staircases of the North side and the South side, that lead to the Attic rooms. All the rooms are named after mountain flowers which grow on and around the property. They are categorized by our perception of the nature of our travellers.

For our Shutterbugs


Enjoy the beauty of Shimla from the comfort of your own room with our mountain view rooms. Our hotel offers a range of rooms that boast stunning views of the surrounding mountains, providing you with the perfect vantage point to take in the city's natural beauty.

These are large rooms , facing the Shimla Ridge


This is a first floor room, which has a south facing window and a sit out veranda from where you get a picturesque view of the ridge and the setting sun over the Himalayan ranges.


A second floor room, with a beautiful wooden slant roof, overlooking the Ridge and a stunning sunset view over the Himalayan ranges.


For our Dreamers/Bookworms

These are the largest room in the property, with a virtual feeling of being nestled between the forest as they have large windows overlooking the dense oak woods.


A large room on the first level, in the north side , over looking a beautiful Oak  and Rhododendron forest, from where you may catch a view of a magpie flitting its tail amongst the branches.


Placed on the second level, this is the largest room on the property and  true to its name, overlooks the lovely Oak and Rhododendron forest on its Northside. An ideal room for someone who just wants to read a book by a window or have a whiff of the fresh mountain air sitting at the edge of the forest.

For our Homebirds


These are cozy rooms, ideal for somebody who would like to spend time on the property, relax and unwind.


A cozy room  on the first level, in the south wing, one which happens to be the closest to Purple Peppers ,the dining room.


A cozy room on the first level on the north side. A step out of the room leads to a sit out veranda, overlooking the Himalayan ranges.


A large room on the second level, for our restive traveller. A few steps out of the room leads to an outdoor sit out balcony.


A homey room on the second level in the north side, with a sit out balcony just a few steps from the room

For our Meditators


Getting a birds' eye view from the large widows facing the North and South of the ranges, are snuck away two beautiful attic rooms. A step out, are the sit outs- TURQUOISE and CYAN where our guests can sit and chat, or just destress after an eventful day in the hills.


The attic room, in the south side has a sunny charm , with a view to die for. To add value , a step out of the room is “Turquoise" - A small sit out where you could settle down to chat with friends and lovers or just gaze at the starlit sky at night.


Another attic room , on the North side, overlooking the dense Oak and Rhododendron forest. A place for just calm relaxation over a hot cup of tea. A step out from the room is " Cyan “, a cozy sit out to watch the rain pour down the windows by the day or  the stars by the beautiful starry nights.