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An Englishman named Herbert Mantagaue Waller, who was also a renowned architect of Shimla, designed and built many important buildings in Shimla. Mr Waller, constructed Groombridge Estate in the late 19th century, where he and his wife Catherine made this house their residence till the early 1900’s. The Estate was then sold to another English couple, Earnest and Selma Cooling, both engineers, who were working to build the famous Shimla- Kalka rail road. In the year of the Lord 1945 , the Coolings' sold the property  to the royal family of Kapurthala. The royal family then renamed the property to NANAK KUTTI

The widow of the Maharaja, Maharani Vidyawati Kaur sold Groombridge Estate to the son of the erstwhile Diwan of Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Bikram Chand Sawhney, who was a senior civil servant. The Estate was finally bequeathed to his grand daughter, Reeta Suri .  Reeta Suri is a passionate horticulturist having experienced it by virtue of her husband being a senior military officer. She currently resides at the property and lends it her own personal charm.

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