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All the birds have flown up and gone;

A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other -
                    Only the mountain and I.  


–Li Po

Antiquity behind the bricks


Mr. Waller, the  Architect of Groombridge, was of great repute and knowledge and chose this piece of land as his own private abode as it was sunlit and private. The ambience of the surrounding thick oak reserve forest, amazing view of the hills, and its proximity from the Mall Road, made his decision wise. The house still has a small rickshaw garage, which in those days manually carried the “Gora sahibs” to the Mall and back.


Reeta Suri , now the owner ,always wanted that people should be able to enjoy modern luxuries with the old world charm and so began the construction of the present day Groombridge in the same compound where the old building exists. Apart from the serenity, surrounded by thousands of acres of reserve forests, the place is ideal to unwind with family and friends over a weekend or longer.


Of Requests


The care endowed upon us mortals by Mother Nature has been consistently persecuted and to take a serious call towards doing our bit, we at Groombridge endeavor to make some changes and request our guests to respect the formulae laid out by the almighty.


This being a small 10  bedroom property, We expect our guests to be visiting the hills to be 'far from the madding crowd', in search of peace and solitude. Guests are requested to play the  televisions at a volume which would not disturb other guests at the property. . In consideration for all the guests, we would request our guests to play music softly in their rooms if they wish to do so.


Groombridge is a small property and for the same reason, food service to the rooms is not provided and we would request our guests to step into Purple Peppers, the dining room and order food of their choice.


As every year passes by , the paucity of water in the hills is looming at large. We would request our guests to-


  • Avoid the change of sheets and towels everyday and maintain cleanliness of the same, unless imperative.

  • Not wash any clothes in your washrooms. Laundry service is available at a charge.

  • Avoid the use of bottled water to reduce single use plastic footprint. We would provide you with RO water for your needs. Mineral water would be available on a charge.


The interiors of Groombridge have a generous usage of wood and hence are a strict NO SMOKING zone, for reasons pertaining to public health and safety against fires. We would request our guests to refrain from smoking within the interiors of the property.


Parking at hotels in Shimla is always a challenge. At Groombridge , we offer you FREE PARKING on first come first serve basis, to facilitate a stress free vacation for you. We do not have accomodation for drivers, but can assist our guests to arrange for the same 

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