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There's something in the air, when you travel through the hills

A bit of sunshine madness, a sprightly shower at natures' will

The crisp autumn breeze, whistling through the pines

Winters setting a freeze, a panoramic opaline

There’s something in the air, there’s something for every season

To breathe, to live , to imbibe, the reason for every season


Shimla was chosen as the " Summer Capital" of the British , for various reasons. Its salubrious environment, the dense oak forests and crisp cool air was an added charm. To give you a peep into what to expect when you travel to this destination through the year..... read on

Summertime Magic

At the dawn of March, summers arrive to Shimla. Long known as the"‘Summer Capital” of the British - Shimla continues to maintain an environment which boasts calm and class coupled with weather which is continuously playful. Littered by mostly sunny days with a cold breeze, the summertime months in Shimla harbour the most pleasant weather the hills have to offer - and with a shower here and there, the weather changes ever so often, making it that much more interesting. Summer also happens to be the busiest time for this hill station in the Shivaliks , so don’t find yourself to be surprised if you bump into a traveller on a journey very similar to yours. Summers also permit for long drives and treks as the days are longer and the nights are shorter - and while Shimla is known as the "Queen of the Hills" at night, it is even prettier in the daytime. Foliage, the bloom of endless flora and the entire sensory experience of sight, smell, audio and touch is accentuated in and around this city, which is far more than just a city on a hill. 

Monsoon Mania

The monsoons arrive in full force by the end of June. Rains in the hills virtually come unannounced- one moment it would be bright spanking sunshine and another minute the rumbling clouds would pour their hearts out onto the hills. Surprisingly enough, you would not encounter any water logging , instead the mountainside gets dotted with resplendent waterfalls and the brooks get gushing with their bounty.It lends an air of romanticism to the panorama which is engulfed in clouds at most instances. Just a word of caution though for travellers who intend to go ahead of Shimla, to be aware of landslides and road blocks which would hamper their trip ahead. Carrying a light jacket would be advisable as the temperatures can drop suddenly during the downpours. The misty clouds however, lend an air of mystery to the entire place. 

Autumn Vibes

Come October, there is a chill in the air and the northern skyline turns white. The trees shed and the landscape turns more stark to enhance the beauty of every sunset. This is the best time to visit as the tourist footfall is low and one can go for long walks amongst the winding wooded lanes. Do not forget to carry some light woollens as these would be needed most times. 

Winter Bytes

Winters in Shimla are stark and cold and go down to sub zero temperatures at times. They are also ethereal and breathtaking once it snows. The countryside is painted white with the snow laden deodar branches drooping low. An ideal time for one to come enjoy the snowfall or  take in the winter chill over hot cuppas .It is totally  advisable to carry warm woollens and inners during your visit at this time of the year.

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