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As I traverse into the endless meandering pathways of the hills

My receptive consciousness will engulf my soul in layers of quills.

As I brood more, the prick of emotions will rob my being

And the liquid galaxy of memories from my body will be fleeing.

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For the meanderers, just a minute from your room is a beautiful walk amidst an Oak forest, laced with whiffs of mountain daisies and Spanish brooms. This walk with virtually no gradient, leads you to a view point. An ideal spot to breathe in the fresh mountain air or watch the gorgeous sunset. Along this road you would also find local taxis to take you upto Lakkarbazaar, from where you could walk up to the Mall in nearly 5 minutes.
The explorative soul in you, who enjoys a bit of huff and puff, can take a walk up through the
Bharari bazaar, to walk along a mountain trail which leads to an ancient temple on a hilltop, known as Padhai Mandir. This Temple was built by shramdaan (personal labour) of the local population. It is also accessible by road. This walk offers the scenery of exotic birds and mountains.
For our serious trekkers who would like to experience the Himachal way of life, they could go down the mountainside after
Padhai, to a stream running between the mountains where there are dharaats (Water powered flour mills). The track further leads down to Tattapani, where there is a dam on the river Sutlej.



The hills surrounding Shimla are a bounty for the travel hungry. We are listing some popular and some exalted destinations that are accessible by road and by trails.


Barely a 4 km drive down  from the city , nestled in between Oaks and Deodars, at an altitude of 6117 feet , stands this beautiful grassland on a spur. As history dictates, Capt. Charles Pratt Kennedy discovered this valley and named the valley after his sweetheart “Anna". He combined Anna with “dale” which means a valley and hence this valley got the name Annandale. 

Since its inception in 1830s, Annandale had been the center of the Anglo-Indian amusements, such as polo matches, dog shows, gymkhanas and flower shows. The polo tournament was the annual fixture at the Annandale, until it was shifted to Calcutta. Today, the grounds are used for golf , and as a helipad.


As your car climbs through a thick Deodar forest, Kufri lies snug between the Pines and meadows at a height of 8630 feet. One can view the entire magnificence of the  the dense Deodar forest on route to this town which offers one the scenic view of the entire snow clad Himalayan ranges. Kufri houses a zoological park with activities such as horse riding and skiing in winters.

Mashobra & Naldera

One can take the Sanjauli bypass to reach the highway which bifurcates towards the left for a road leading to Mashobra, a quaint town with apple orchards which is on way to the golf course at Naldehra.

Mashobra It is connected to the state capital Shimla through the historic Hindustan–Tibet Road built in 1850 by Lord Dalhousie. Locals of Mashobra and tourists obtain immense pleasure in the rural aura of the Mahasu Devta Temple. 


Naldehra is a beautiful paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It houses a golf course perched at an altitude of 7218 feet. The golf course was built under the supervision of Lord Curzon. Naldehra has got the name from the Nag Temple that lies in the middle of the course. This place is one of the oldest 9 holes golf courses in the country.

Tatta Pani

Once under the Maharaja of Sunni, this riverside village is located approximately 51 kilometers from Shimla and is known for its hot water springs. A lot of tourists visit this spot to see the picturesque water spring and a Hindu temple, built near a Shiv Goofa (Shiva Caves) at Saraur, which is at a distance of four kilometers from Tattapani. Tattapani now hosts a huge dam on the River Sutlej. A little ahead of Tattapani, are rapids on the river where the adventurous souls could try white water rafting or fishing


A mere 45 km from Shimla via Kufri, lies the lazy town of Chail, in the midst of lush green forests of Deodar. Situated at  8100 ft, Chail boasts of one of the highest cricket pitches and polo grounds in the world. The Chail palace, now a hotel is an added attraction for visitors. The Palace Hotel has the distinction of being one the earliest hotel resorts in the country. It retains many elements of its princely past – a large elegant lawn, complete with pavilions and fountains.


This picturesque destination, which was originally the summer resort of the Italian countess of Craignano, is located a few kilometers away from Naldehra. This was also the originally the point from where the water was purified and pumped to Shimla.


Surrounded by beautiful Deodar trees, the place gives a breathtaking view of the gardens filled with an abundance of flowers such as daffodils, hyacinths, asphodels and celandine. It is located approximately 18 km from Shimla at an altitude of 7050.5 feet above sea level. The place is famous for a beautiful Italian Villa, which was constructed by Chevalier Peliti, a baker to the viceroy. This villa is constructed amidst the dense forest. Craignano is also a famous picnic spot.

When you stay with us, you'll also be just a stone's throw away from many of the most popular places to visit near Shimla, including the Shimla Ridge, Christ Church, and the Gaiety Theater.


Explore the city's rich history, enjoy scenic walks in the mountains, or indulge in some retail therapy, our hotel is the perfect base for your Shimla adventure.

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